I’ve decided that I am a Sceptimist. According to the article that I was reading earlier, this means that I am hopeful for good things, in the way of Optimists, but keep that important level of scepticism that the day may not go entirely in my favour, as do our good friends the Pessimists. My husband disagrees with me. He seems to think I am pure optimism. Whilst that’s nice of him to say so, (I think..) I would have to hold fast to my word of the day.

If my word isnt enough for you, I’ll give a few examples of my sceptimistic personality. When cleaning the slow cooker on Saturday night, I was hopeful against all odds that the concoction of baking soda and boiling water would mean I wasnt standing there for 20 minutes scrubbing, and hey-it paid off! I sceptimistically asked my husband if he wanted to watch Friends with me this week, sceptimistically knowing he wouldnt say yes, which happily ended in us negotiating on HIMYM rather than Top Gear. (which seems to have almost nothing to do with cars by the way folks.) I’d like to think that if I wasnt so sceptimistic, I may not have had such a result.

It can have it’s downsides unfortunately. It was certainly sceptimism that encouraged me to just buy the beige boots, b/c there were bound to be a black pair even nicer somewhere.. (I think you know the end of that story) and it must have been sceptimism that told me earlier today ‘Sure, have a bath, R wont wake up’ -siigh-

Hmm.. after writing this, I’m not entirely sure Sceptimism was a necessary addition to the dictionary. I mean, does it really take that long to say “Mainly optimistic but with a dash of realism thrown in”? Frankly, I’m sceptimistic on it catching on.

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