When do single mums take the rubbish out?

Before I begin, let me make absolutely clear I am in no way comparing my self pity-ing three days alone with the tragic and real plight of a single parent. Everyone satisfied? Ok good.

It has been 24 hours since C went to Israel. He will be back early hours of Friday morning. These are my current and previous concerns in the last day.

  1. It is very annoying to shower when every thirty seconds you think you hear the baby crying. Not so much ‘Lather rinse repeat’ as ’stop the water running, open the door, poke your head out for ten seconds, close door, resume shower, repeat’
  2. I do not enjoy being the one to turn off the light at night. -rubs sore foot and curses giant bed-
  3. The bin is already full. If anyone could tell me where the communal dustbins are where I live I would be much obliged.
  4. However obviously I leave the washing up next to the sink, it doesnt seem to be disappearing… Hm, my magic plates must be broken.
  5. Three pieces of chicken does not a supper make. (However exciting it is that I can eat birds b/c chummie is not here to grimace at me.)
  6. No one told me to stop reading (or turned the light off mid sentence) last night, so I am grouchy and over-tired.

So single parents everywhere, I am super in awe today, not only of your ability to watch your kids singlehandedly, but also of your ability to have clean plates, get regular sleep and hygeine, go to sleep at a normal hour, and generally make it through the day. Well done.

As for me, I’m going to go work out how exactly to get the milk from outside our front door without my son cum lemming attempting to hurtle himself down the stairs in my absense.

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