I know this may be an unfair request to make, but ladies of London, please stop staring at my husband like that.

I know, he is holding a baby. I know, he has this baby on his shoulders and I know, the baby is laughing. But seriously, I am two steps away from not letting C hold R when we are out and about.

Add to this the double standard of how when I hold R upside down by his ankles in a crowded shopping street, I am given the ‘irresponsible’ glare. Oh dear I do hope that mother knows what she is doing. That is so very dangerous. C doing the exact same thing? oh would you look at that father with his child? How precious. Oh it is so lovely to see a dad bonding with his baby.

Dont get me wrong, I agree with you. A dad and his baby is truly one of the cutest things you can see, and one of the most likely things to make your womb skip a beat outside of a maternity ward, but everything in moderation ladies. You dont see me gazing lovingly at your hubby just because he’s playing kickabout with your toddler, or being just that bit over-enthused at the unposed photo of him cuddling your daughter. I’m not saying I dont look, I’m saying you dont see me.

So do me the same favour that I do other mums, pretend. Wait until I’m looking away, be discreet, train your face out of the obvious ‘aww’ that you’re dying to let out. Any of the above really, I may be a little insane, but I’m not fussy.

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