The 10 Real Milestones of Child Development

As a first time mum, I waited eagerly for my baby to do all the things that ‘the books’ told me he would do. Whether they came early or late, I have been so excited to see him pass these grand stages of growing up into toddlerdom.

However, during this past year, I have noticed that his real baby milestones dont seem to be listed in any parenting manual that I can find. These are not in chronological order.

1. He can push his own arms through the sleeves of his clothing. Success! No longer do I have to struggle with the most rigid little limbs known to the world, fighting against me as if I’m trying to take his elbow off rather than simply get him dressed in the morning.

2. He eats cucumber. How I ever had time to make him cooked vegetables for as long as I did is beyond me. I think I might have tried raw veg about once a week in the hopes he wouldnt just chew and chew until the entirely unmashed and whole piece of cucumber fell out his mouth. The day he swallowed it? A true triumph.

3. He can feed himself raisins. Not feed himself one raisin and then look at me for the next one. Not feed himself one raisin and then throw the rest of the packet over his head in excitement. Not turn the packet upside down and shake them into every conceivable crevice in the close vicinity. Actually hold the packet, take them out one by one and successfully put them in his mouth. Amazing.

4. He no longer looks like a mutant. Newborns-Cute or Ugly? I have always been a believer in the latter, and having my own didnt really change that. But nothing prepares you for the look your child sports at about three or four months. Newborn blotchiness gone, to be replaced with cradle cap, new eczma, half his hair fallen out resulting in bald patches, baby fat about to go crazy due to lack of movement.. Dear Lord. Luckily as a doting mother, I didnt notice it until it was over, looking back at the photos I proudly displayed. (If I’d seen what they really looked like I would have denied all relation.) Thankfully, he has passed through the ‘awkward teenage years’ of babydom, and is safely out the other side.

5. He doesnt need anything sterilised. That never ending standing by the sink with boiling hot water and bottle brushes and fairy liquid and sterilising equipment and microwaving and endless bottles and teats to scrub.. Now we just give his cup and bowl a quick rinse every couple of weeks. 😉

6. He can sit and stand safely in the bath. Not that it wasnt fun holding my breath in fear ten minutes each day.

And here are a few I’m looking forward to. Maybe you could share when they are likely to occur?

7. He can learn the meaning of words like ‘Hot’ and ‘One second.’ This would truly make my life so much easier. I wouldnt be screamed at incessantly because I’m blowing on his food, tightening the lid of his cup, moving him away from the radiators, running his cup under cold water… basically any activity that doesnt give him instantaneous attention.

8. Put his own blocks away. How do they end up all over the house? Why am I always barefoot?

9. Blowing his own nose. Adult colds are annoying. But baby colds? Why am I spending all day sorting out the sniffles? I dont think you pass out of the baby phase fully until you can reach for your own kleenex.

10. Him going out for the day. I cant believe how many days of waking up late, lounging around in pyjamas, not making any audible sound pre noon, reading a book in more than a page per sitting, watching an entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy in one go, and completing two hours work in less than six hours, I took for granted. Will I ever find ‘me time’ again?

Feel free to add your own!

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  1. So sweet. I had forgotten those wonderful achievements that gave our lives a little more freedom.


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