Dont forget to give thanks for Target.

Seasons greetings. Thanksgiving is not something I really understand the reasons for, but it gives me ample opportunity to blog American content, so I’m going to embrace it.

I do have one issue with it though..

  • Why is the official thanksgiving food turkey? You’re about 3 weeks away from having a giant turkey on Christmas! Surely it’s like how if you eat doughnuts too close to Chanukah you spoil the excitement? Besides which, turkey is the worst of the meats. I’m not sure why ANY festive day would involve a meat which manages to be both dry and greasy simultaneously, let alone two in the space of a month. Get a new food Thanksgiving, I reccomend Lamb.

Most people, when talking about American vs English, will immediately jump into a debate on different words and pronounciations, as well as meanings which have been confused on their way across the ocean sea. Not me. Being a huge fan of America, American shopping, American TV, Hollywood, Broadway, and my very own husband, I have learned to accept and love most things loud and in your face. (The opposite of him actually.) I have however, compiled a list of interesting things I’ve noticed in conversation with our friends the yanks, and list them here, with obviously no offence meant!

  • Want to see an interesting mix of emotions cross an americans face? Tell them you play Bingo. Whereas here, it has become semi-cool for us youngsters to habit a bingo hall on a weekday evening, sharing the floor with the pensioners and white trash, in the states, from what i can tell, Bingo is strictly confined to church halls and early bird dinners. Try it now american friends, thank me later.
  • Hi there USA, ‘Burglarize’ is not a word. Well what else is it called when you’ve been burglarized by evil burglars? Robbed. It’s called Robbed.
  • UK folks.. Imagine being Kosher in the states. Walking around your supermarket, picking things up, scanning the label, and then just putting it in your trolley. No wistful sighs, no reminding yourself to look it up when you get home, and no texting a friend to see if they can product search it for you online. Incredible. I think moving to the states must be like getting a free pass from God to start eating anything you like. Or like stopping being Lubavitch and having your first Pesach free from grinding your own almonds. (True slavery to freedom.)
  • This one is not confirmed, please help if you can, but I have heard a rumour that Americans do not know what the word Curry means. I actually think that says a lot about the difference in society… Then again, I know what Sombrero means.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Michael H. Goldberg

     /  November 24, 2011

    In the U.S. burglary and robbery are not at all the same. Robbery means face to face contact between robber and victim while burglary has no personal contact. Your house can indeed be burglarized; it cannot be robbed.

  2. Melissa Lousky

     /  November 24, 2011

    Hi Elisheva! Love your funny blog…
    about the Turkey- I’m pretty sure in the States most people eat Ham on Christmas… and also, Turkey is amazing!

  3. I’m just sad that there isn’t a third holiday where turkey is popular. Maybe we can create one. Maybe turkey should be the official dinner of Epiphany.


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