Baby-Flu (grow up and go to bed)

Babies and Adults are different. I know, it was a shock for me too. After all, they are in essence just tiny little grown ups, who can’t do very much by themselves. They look just the same as us, only minature. They eat, they sleep, they get upset and happy. In fact, they are in many ways better than adults, because they are a simpler version. When they’re upset, they cry. When they’re happy, they laugh. Adults on the other hand have more complex ways to show their emotions. Sometimes, when we’re upset, we smile anyway. Sometimes when we’re happy or pleased, we pretend not to be. Weird, a baby would say.

Anyway, the difference that’s on my mind today, is Illness. I don’t mean real illness, or hospitalisation or other serious maladies. Nothing quite that dramatic. I mean, the sniffles. A slight fever. General feeling of uchy and achy. We all get it from time to time. There is no need to call a doctor, no infection of any kind, no rash to proudly display as a war wound, probably not even a reason to call in sick for the day. But it’s not fun. Under the weather some would call it.

Let’s say an adult has the rare opportunity (no job, no kids.. [I hate you]) to not just power through and get on with their day. Let’s call it a Sunday for arguments sake. Here is what I would do. Whinge a little, go back to bed, cover myself in snuggly blankets, make myself (or get someone to make me) something delicious to eat or drink, and sleep off the fever, dosed with some Nurofen related product. Mm.. I want to do that now and I don’t even feel ill.


The only thing he has down perfectly is the whinging part. He has not stopped moaning since 7am. He doesnt even have the decency to make it a proper cry. At least then I would take him to the Doctor. But I know that he’s fine. He has a slight temperature, probably teething, feeling a bit bleuch. If he were a girl baby, I’d make him suck it up and get on with the day as planned, but as a boy, I presume he has the ‘man-flu’ gene, and so I’m taking it easy on him. No outings, no making him go out in the cold, just play and inside games all day.

But my son does not understand this. He wants me to hold him. All day. This was something I found hard when he was a newborn, all 7”13 of him. But now? At knocking on 2 stone? No thanks R.

I would be tucked up in bed by now, fast asleep. But he has decided that sleep is no use. Not only did he wake up earlier than usual, but he won’t nap. To add insult to injury, he wont stop yawning and rubbing his eyes. If you’re tired… sleep! But even walking past his cot is evoking the kind of screaming I would reserve for spotting a known murderer running towards me with a weapon.

I would want to be left alone. Unfortunately, he wants all of my attention. All of it. I cannot get a drink, I cannot sit on the sofa, I cannot send a work email. No no. That would impose on his whining schedule.

At what age to kids become adults in this respect? When will he decide that lying down and having a rest, or sitting quietly by himself with a book, are much better tonics than temper tantrums, round the clock entertainment, and refusing to eat and sleep? 5? 15? 50? (Shock realisation.. could it just be that he is male?)

All help gratefully recieved. If any loyal readers happen to be in the Farringdon area, pop into my husbands work and send him home?

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  1. Parenting can be the toughest job you\\\’ll ever have. Kids present new challenges continuously because they keep growing and changing, and the issues grow and change with them.

    As parents our most important job is to make sure our kids feel loved and valuable for who they are (not what they do). It\\\’s my biggest struggle, and my biggest joy all at once!


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