Friendship (Congrats Nath)

“Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends.”
– Mary Catherwood

Friendship really seems to have no rules. Two people who you would never place together can be kindred spirits, while people with endless amounts in common can get on each others nerves from first meeting. But I do believe there are a few rules of real friendship.

Honesty is key to any relationship, and with a true friend, you hope there is nothing that you have to censor yourself from saying or hold back. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud”. Loyalty, where you can trust the other person to believe your word and stand by you when things are hard as well as during the great times. Understanding, a good listening ear and a real want to see things from the others point of view. And the way they can make anything both fun and funny, simply enjoying sharing time together.

Over the last decade, I have made and lost many friends. Some where I would have sworn the friendship unshakeable, I now barely speak to, or only on the awkwardest of terms. Some are just less in my lives than they were, through time and circumstance.

But I just wanted to [awkwardly ;)] dedicate this blog to one of my best friends in the world, who was the first person to subscribe to this blog in the first place. If true friendship can’t be defined by the following amazing memories, I don’t know how it can be. And certainly in our case, the sad circumstance of being oceans apart, and the annoying time differences or life changes havent even approached making a dent in our closeness.

  • Foreign movie nights even though the whole world thinks we’re dorky.
  • Calling me up at the hardest of times, even though you had no idea what to say.
  • Making me a mixed tape including my very own song juxtaposed with a John Lennon cover even he would be proud of.
  • Never ever saying out loud how difficult it must have been, being at such different stages of our lives at one time.
  • Turning up at each others houses with 10 minutes notice and rucksacks, not clarifying how long we were staying or why, regardless of husbands or parents, leading to u having your own room (complete with sign) at our flat, until R usurped you.
  • Making me the coolest (ONE of the coolest-calm down Abi) Sheva Brachot ever, and sharing my final unmarried shabbat making me feel uber special.
  • Forgiving me for weeks of silence, whether by surprising me with an hours travelling to see me in Israel, or just bugging me on skype until I apologize and reply, and not even needing a reason.
  • Cluedo and Sloppy Joes and all manner of other activities the world has given up on, but we keep alive.
  • Driving allllll the way to my mums house, to get me and pick me up, back when no one else would, thereby adding to my social life outside school by 100%.
  • Remember how I stopped being vegetarian at your house and how proud you were?

And now you have a daughter. And I am so jealous of her already, cause she has the coolest mOm ever, and she gets to see you all the time. And she doesnt even know how lucky she is to have you. But she will.

I’m so proud and happy for you, and you are so much my family in all the best definitions of the word, and I can’t wait to get out there and see you all very very soon, 🙂


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