No two ways about it, that’s strange.

Just had to share this photo I snapped yesterday on my way home. I looked, looked again, and then just had to have tangible proof. There was no film crew, no one else staring, and I wasnt sure that on retelling the story, that I’d be able to capture exactly how it made me feel and do it justice. So here is my present to you, you can almost experience the moment firsthand, how you might have felt being me, when I noticed this family walking a few steps ahead of me.

WEIRD. Just genuinely weird. Are they en route to a Denim convention? A B*Witched lookalike competition? Are they simply the most unimaginative family ever? I will leave it to you to decide.. But one thing is for sure. There is something very odd about this.

The Plot Thickens.
note: Once I’d snapped my snap (Ironically outside Snappy Snaps) I overtook them on the left. Upon seeing me, the girl was then very clearly heard saying in my direction, “She’s wearing a jean skirt.”

Any and all ideas to make me less confused gratefully recieved.

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  1. Yaeli

     /  March 22, 2012

    Maybe they were just on the way home from a family photo shoot (wearing coordinating clothes on purpose).

  2. …Perhaps they were on their way to a theme party? :/

  3. Haha! Some families like to dress alike. Esp if on vacation. My husband and I have a running joke about it. I always “try” to get us to dress alike and he refuses. I told him that if we ever make the amazing race, we’d have to do it (to my dismay, they aren’t taking Canadiian citizens yet). The thing is, my husband LOVES it when he and our son happen to be dressed alike. Lol

    • Oh i think its so nerdy!! I cant imagine even dressing my kids alike let alone all of us! Unless it was for an event or a party or something.

      Thanks for the like and for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚


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