Some people dont like it when mothers show off about their children being “advanced.” Often these people are other mothers, and sometimes these people dont have kids of their own. They find the stories of mini accomplishments and milestones met irritating and arrogant, and often unnecessary. “After all” they say, “all of our kids are intelligent in their own way, and you shouldnt make other children and parents feel bad just because they might be slightly behind.”
Some people take it a step further, and think we should never brag about our kids at all, even when they are not early at something, because it only serves to make them conceited and/or give them complexes about what they can and cant do.

If you think you’re one of these people, you should probably stop reading. Because I’m a mother who may be about to show off about her child. It may be embarrassing to admit it on a public forum, but I’m actually a mother who cried real tears this morning in front of absolute strangers while watching my 18 month old at a music group.

Oblivious to all around, (as he so often is) I watched as my son tracked and followed bubbles around the room, reaching up to point and pop them with a room full of other kids ages 1-4.

Bubbles. You’ve seen them right? Those entirely clear, floaty things that are pretty much INVISIBLE.

And I let myself cry. That my tiny baby boy, who once upon a time couldnt see his fingers move up to his face, and would jump in surprise when his parents leaned down to kiss his forehead, and who a year ago was giving us his first real smile, was standing in front of me proving all my doubts and fears wrong.

And so as I watched him walk into a wall and fall flat on his face in his eagerness to follow a floaty shiny circle of nothingness through the air, I’ve really never been more proud.

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