I follow a number of great writers and artists on WordPress. As I’ve said before, HeatherGraham is one of my favourites. But today, she brought me to tears for the first time for a stranger. And her words are truly beautiful, and deserve to be shared as widely as possible.

Thank you for reminding me that we should be so grateful for every second we have, and for every drop of inspiration we are blessed with; in our friends, our spouses, and of course our children.

musings from the trenches

               I have been a poet without a muse for ten years. That means for ten years I have not written a single poem. I’ve written other things, but not poetry. That was gone. No matter how hard I tried to push passed it, the voice was gone.

                Years ago, while taking a poetry class in college, my professor asked me to share with the class my process in writing poetry. I was one of her favorite student writers and I think she assumed that it was something that I really worked at and had a process for. I’m pretty sure I disappointed her.

                For me, my poetry has never been something I worked on.  It is something inside of me that has to come out. It’s something I feel rising from a place deep inside myself and when I feel the stirrings, I grab a pencil and I let it…

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