The Bed-time Tango.

Moving your child to a bed is a big decision. Some parents are forced into it by their offspring deciding to become trapeze artists over night, clambering over cot sides and springing onto the floor in one graceful swoop. When not so graceful, these midnight escapades can end in tears, with bumped heads and carpet burns aplenty.

I wasn’t one of these mums. My son never tried to, let alone succeeded in escaping the prison bars of his cot. So you might ask why I decided to move him to a bed at all.

I’ve always been an advocate in not ‘baby-ing’ your baby, and I don’t make much of a secret of the fact I hate seeing 3 year olds with bottles and dummies, or in high chairs and cots. Add into that, the fact that my 2 year old is far too big for a travel cot, meaning we are stuck in our home until he can sleep on a mattress, and the striving for maturity that he seems to be going through lately in every way other than speech, I thought the time had come to move him. As he is starting nursery in three weeks, I wanted him to be settled into the bed by then, so decided to bite the bullet last week.

First the good news: It looks adorable. I was not prepared for the metamorphosis his cot would go through in order to become a bed. In fact, we thought it was just a case of taking off the sides. That’s why we started the process at 6.40pm. Once the cot sides were off, it didn’t exactly look right, so we cleverly decided the next stage would be to find the instruction manual. Turning to the right page, C read out step number one. “Completely dismantle the cot.”


An hour and a half (and a lot of peppa pig) later, a very tired boy was put into his bed, thrilled and yawning.

2012-12-18 19.55.28

The bad news: It hasn’t exactly helped his (or my) sleep. When he isn’t coming into our bedroom at 4.30 in the morning with his buggy and baby from the playroom in tow, shouting “Maaa..?” I am lying awake in bed anyway wondering whether it was the right decision to forgo a bed guard, because apparently C fell out of his bed countless times in his childhood and it ‘never did him any harm’  ….

This craziness on my part means that every hour or so, I pause in listening out for potential ‘falling’ noises, and I tiptoe into his room to see what position he’s in. moving his limbs out of precarious ‘will he wont he?’ positions. Cue night vision camera and a lot of crossing fingers that the flash doesn’t wake him. And when the latter doesn’t work, a lot of running away cursing.

The horizontal sleeper.

Although not worrisome  as probably the least likely position to fall out of bed in, (unless he is going to land standing up) this is a bit of a puzzler. How did he get into this position to begin with? I can only imagine it was managed with incremental shuffling further and further clockwise. Even then, the geometry doesn’t seem quite right.

2012-12-19 22.42.30

The now you see me… 

So glad we had the bright idea to pad out the ‘gap’ with boxes, because right now that appears to be the only thing stopping my son from being wedged into the teeny space between bed and wall. Next thing to be nervous about, that he will inadvertently kick or headbutt the wall, resulting in an avalanche of those (only mostly) soft toys. Wonder whether I will recognise the thump of photo frame hitting toddler?

2012-12-20 20.27.45

The furtive play
Coming out of my own room at various times of the evening, to be greeted by the following, fills me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, “R, it is the middle of the night and you should be in bed, not secretly playing with your Vtech laptop in the hallway.” On the other hand, “R, well done for not disturbing us, and could you please learn to entertain yourself so effectively without my help during daylight hours?”

2012-12-20 18.47.54

The where’s my cup? I want my dri-… Zzzz…
It’s not just babies that fall out of beds. Objects are also suddenly not where we left them due to these cunning contraptions. This clever position shows that he obviously knew where the likely hiding place for his cup was… if only he could summon up the strength to stay awake for another…few… millimetres. So close.

2012-12-20 20.09.55

The cosy I love my bed

Seeing my tiny newborn all grown up and in a big boys bed, is definitely one for the baby journal. Tucked in properly, lying on his pillow, out for the count to the rest of the world, he looks so peaceful. Would it be so terrible if I just had the quickest of cuddles?

2012-12-20 22.58.12

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Not sure if it’s going to help the night-time issues… but R recieved the best present ever from us yesterday. A duvet and a pillow! I figured I sure wouldn’t want to be in my bed without mine, so who says he feels any differently? Making his cot a more comfortable/fun place to be in couldn’t hurt anyway.

I took the pic before I left him in bed, feeling very fuzzy and emotional at the idea of my little boy all tucked in for the first time. Of course by the time I checked on him a couple hours later, he had discarded them both entirely, and was curled up in a ball in his own baby-made duvet free spot. He did sleep all night though, so who am I to complain?

Now to find some boy friendly Peppa Pig sheets… He will never want to get out!