Interesting things I’ve noticed this weekend in Manchester.

1. The weather in Manchester this weekend has been much the same as London I hear. Every time the sun comes out, it’s a losing battle trying to get outside before the heavens re-open again. The difference is that while my London friends are complaining about the August rain, Manchester is celebrating the arrival of summer.

2. I saw a woman trying to spray a group of kids with bleach.

3. There are many less Polish shops. We have been driving around for three days, and the score is a measly 1-0 in the ‘Sklep’ game. (see a Polish shop, shout sklep. Play now, thank me later.)

4. You can pay a babysitter double what she may ordinarily earn, and it will still be almost half of what you’ll pay in London. I cant believe women get away with paying £2.50 per hour to watch 3 children while they are awake.

5. I saw a shop called Bath and Biscuit. If left to my own imagination, I dont think I ever would have worked out it was a dog grooming parlour. Genius.

So this explains my lack of blogs the past few days, but I’m gathering inspiration for the next few installments.. Next up? “Surviving a wedding seated in a seperate hall from my husband… ” Stay tuned folks.